Laser Guided Pool Cue

Laser Guided Pool Cue

Laser Guided Pool Cue

Cool new tool to quickly improve your pool game. The Laser Pool Cue keeps you from guessing about whether you’re lined up to make the perfect shot.

Easy to use.

Practice your shots by seeing what happens when you hit the cue ball at different spots. Only with the laser guided pool cue can you accurately line yourself up time after time.


Pull out your laser cue and suddenly everyone will be your friend wanting to check it out.

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Information about the Laser Guided Pool Cue:

* Laser comes out of a small hole in the end of the cue (does not affect play). Hit the cue ball precisely every time!

* Laser beam extends 6 feet so you’re covered for every possible length of shot and angle.

* Regulation weight and sized pool cue.

* The on/off switch is a touch sensor that features both automatic and manual shut-off to save battery life.

* Lifetime Guarantee. Made from fiberglass and graphite that will never warp.

* Two-piece cue is 58 inches long with a rubber bumper on the end. The handle is a comfortable wound-foam, with a stainless steel ferrule and joint.

* Every cue should have this! – Three 1-oz. weights so you can easily change the weight of the cue.

* Requires three 1.5-volt batteries. Six are included so you are good to go and already have extras.

* Includes two chalks, two tip scuffers, and a hard-side, zippered nylon carrying case with accessory pocket and shoulder strap.

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3 Responses to “Laser Guided Pool Cue”
  1. Nic Barrow says:

    This looks great – and so simple too.

  2. Freda says:

    Hello–This cue looks more like mine than any other I’ve seen online. The replacement tips I can find look like they fit that type and bear no similarity to mine. Is it possible for you to send me a picture of the tip that fits your cue, and pricing for those tips if, hopefully, they match mine and are available?

  3. Xiao says:

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